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Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

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Ever notice how carp flies generally boast a carp-y appearance? Well, few compete with the carp-y-ness of the one and only Bearded Dragon. Here at Blue Line, we love bass, and the largemouth bass is often considered America’s most popular gamefish, but are we sure carp aren’t giving bucket mouths as run for their money? Yes, American fisheries typically don’t recognize carp species as game fish, yet carp are found in nearly every state with growing popularity in the conventional and fly tackle communities. Carp are as accessible as any trout, bass, and panfish species from coast-to-coast. Not to mention they fight like hell and are the equivalent of hooking into a muscle-bound water cow. Carp are spookier and often more technical than other freshwater fishes requiring stealth, sight fishing, and know-how for fly fishing success. The Bearded Dragon is an invaluable tool for carp fishing victory on the long rod. Tied with bead chain eyes optimal for reaching the fish, a slim body for quick sinking, and a
deer hair head catch the carp’s attention via pushing water. This little beast attracts the subtle bite of a feeding carp as well as any fly on the market, yet it is far from a one-trick-carp-pony (dragon?), as it’s magnet for redeye bass, small bass, and panfish while being light enough for a three-weight fly rod to cast. The real-life bearded dragon is a popular reptilian pet for those who want a change of pace from the norm, and the fly version from Blue Line offers the same for your fly box.

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