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@Brpatt's Tickle Monster

@Brpatt's Tickle Monster

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Fish this fly low and slow. Tick bottom whether you’re fishing slow/still water or faster currents. Use short strips and let it bump along the bottom.
The TM is an expert at getting un-stuck. Just get up river of it and it’s likely to come unstuck. One articulation adds movement; a second adds extra spice and an enticing flutter to a streamer; a third adds one of the necessary elements making the Tickle Monster the crawfish fly pattern on the market. Period. Describing this fly as heavy doesn’t do it justice, as it sinks so well mobsters are considering replacing use of cinder blocks with a dozen Tickle Monsters to make their enemies “disappear.” No crawfish pattern on the market fishes to this masterpiece and is applicable to all species eating large, clawed crustaceans. This is as close of a guarantee to catching fish as you can realistically get.

The Tickle Monster is best fished with a seven-weight rod or heavier because of its weight.

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