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Brush Head Minnow

Brush Head Minnow

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The Brush Head Minnow is a staple in the Blue Line lineup. Tied to imitate a juvenile bass, it’s a must have in eastern and southern fisheries. Blue Line’s own Adam Hudson has entire seasons this fly stays on the same rod. Forget a fly for a rainy day, this is a fly for every day; every day a reliable favorite is needed to complete the mission of catching a bass. Don’t stop at smallies and bucket mouths, this fly is an excellent trout streamer too. Additionally, most bass flies are large, clunky, and require a seven or eight-weight to cast effectively. Not the Brush Head Minnow. A five weight is more than enough to present this streamer. For deep water, use a sink tip; for shallow water, use a floating line. This is al all-around streamer that belongs in every streamer junky’s fly box.

Use on a 4+ wt rod. 

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