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Landing Strip Nymph

Landing Strip Nymph

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Stoneflies are often glamorized by fly anglers. Most of the feeding occurs as the nymphs migrate to the banks to emerge rather than on the surface of the water as adults. Additionally, stoneflies exist as nymphs for 2-4 years making them a year-round forage for trout. The Landing Strip Nymph is an excellent stonefly nymph and a staple for the Blue Line crew when nymphing stonefly water. Don’t mistake us, throwing giant dry flies for feisty browns out west is one of our favorite activities, but having a Landing Strip Nymph dropped under said dry fly is never a bad move. Carp wreck this nymph, specifically in sight fishing situations and it's one of our best bream flies period. Multi-use flies are never in short supply, and the Landing Strip Nymph is a fly that should follow you on all your fishing trips.

Use with any fly rod.

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