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Madison Sculpin

Madison Sculpin

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Maybe our #1 trout streamer, this thing works when others can’t. Developed on a bartop in Montana it has the right background and juju to get the job done.

The Madison River claims to be one of the most popular and productive trout streams in the country. Those who fish it know all too well its ability to inflate and destroy a fisherman’s ego. The Madison can bring glory to one’s net, but it has to happen on her terms often requiring specific day-to-day patterns to catch fish. Enter the Madison Sculpin, tied one fateful fall when no other patterns would produce it seemed to be the only fly the trout were willing to touch. This fly’s bulky appearance creates sporadic movement and swims like an Olympian, but somehow maintains a slim profile and casts with ease. With the hook buried in the marabou it seldom hangs up or snags the bottom. The Blue Line fly lineup is stacked similar to the 1990’s USA Men’s Basketball Olympic Dream Team, yet this might be the top trout streamer in our line-up;
this fly is our Michael Jordan.

Best thrown on a six-weight or heavier. If it produces on the technical Madison River, it can produce anywhere.

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