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Marabou Clouser

Marabou Clouser

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Originally created by famous fly tier Bob Clouser, the Clouser Minnow resides as one of the most used flies in fishing history, and for good reason – its versatility ranges across fresh and salt waters, and numerous species across the globe have been on the on the receiving end of this classic pattern. A streamer line-up isn’t complete without a Clouser Minnow, and that’s why Blue Line carries two variations. Use the Marabou Clouser for its life-like fluttering in the current and the Hackle Clouser for a slim fly that pushes water; both options include added materials to the original pattern to promote interest from suspecting fish. Any fish willing to eat baitfish is catchable on a Clouser, so no matter where an angler chooses to go, it should have a home in every fly fisher’s box.

Best on five-weight and heavier rods and it pairs with floating lines, or try a sinking line to get it to the bottom.

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