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"They call me MeeMaw."

Serious streamer junkies rely on big flies designed to swing deep, plunging runs similar to how downhome southern folks rely on their MeeMaws for advice and Sunday dinners; there is no more fitting name for this one. Originally tied for a bull trout expedition, the MeeMaw works deep holes, runs, and pools like your crazy uncle works the pool tables at biker dive bars across town -- by covering a range of territory, catching the attention of the biggest brutes in sight, and a risk of losing the whole thing in unknown spots. Family analogies aside, the MeeMaw and the Cooter Brown are the yin to the other’s yang. The prior is the ultimate streamer for working structure while the latter is best used for covering a large, deep area of water. It has a large hook
in the front with a small stinger in the back, and its darting action will catch the attention of suspecting fish across the run, as it jigs and sweeps up and down through the water column.

The MeeMaw is best thrown on a six-weight rod or heavier.

Firetiger or white for bass, and white and olive for trout.

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