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MeeMaw with the Flash

MeeMaw with the Flash

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Similar to the whole club lookin’ at her (lookin’ at her), all the trout in the river will be looking at this supped-up version of the MeeMaw with added flash. Only instead of hittin’ the floor the studly brown trout, smallmouth, and lurking predatory fish with be bulldozing your streamer (it also gets low, low, low…) MeeMay with the Flash has a larger profile due to the added flashy materials and comes in natural, baitfish-like colors. Outside of the shinier appearance it works the same as the original MeeMaw – deep pools and swings through the run as well, or better, than any other large streamer on the market. For anglers feeling the need to throw an eccentric fly as big as his or her own personality, this is a must have in the fly box.

Best fished with a 6-8 weight rod.

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