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Nymph Leader

Nymph Leader

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Tied in house at BLC HQ. Whether you're nymphing or bobber rigging streamers this is the leader for you. If you're casting flies with an indicator on your leader this is it. Whether it’s trout or bass there’s no denying the effectiveness.
If you’ve ever had a tangle in your nymph rigs, this leader set up is for you. While no leader will solve the problem, ours makes it the easiest to rebuild to get you on the water again faster.
1 Knot taper to our smallest swivel for castability which is important in heavy rigs.
Tie on whatever tippet you choose from the swivel with a clinch knot.
The taper has a purpose built knot to stop your indicator from sliding too far on the leader.
The swivel allows much better movement of your flies under water in currents as it allows them to spin unlike other leaders.
Use the swivel just like a tippet ring as our swivel loops are about the same size as tippet rings.

These are build with our specialty stretchy Flourocarbon. If you’re looking for the best tippet protection this is it.

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