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Schlap Dawg

Schlap Dawg

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Forget slappin’ the bass — it’s time to schlap, dawg, with the Schlap Dawg streamer from Blue Line. Not only does it slap on the water, it slaps from a price standpoint. How many quality streamers sell for a mere four dollars these days? Few, and this is one them. Schlap Dawg is one of our numerous lightweight streams (it casts on a four-weight plus) with no weight built in. It fishes best with a sink tip when stripped or with added weight (split shot, drop shot, or a heavy nymph) when nymphed, and this is one of the best nymphing streamers on the market. It hunts well for bass, trout, and any other fish who relies on baitfish for forage. 

Cast it on a 4wt or higher rod.

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