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Schlapen Bugger

Schlapen Bugger

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There are certain things in life one can never have too much of: fresh drinking water, healthy snacks, time, Led Zeppelin CDs, dumplings at the local Chinese buffet, seasons of South Park, good friends, and variations of the illustrious Wooly Bugger fly. Few tying formulas can boast the success of the bugger, yet it too often becomes an after thought in the minutia of modern flies. It’s stood the test of time for a reason; it works and works well (have fish been caught on every content, minus Antarctica, using a bugger? Our money is one yes.) The Schlapen Bugger is a Blue Line take on the classic pattern you probably find in your grandpa’s fly box, likely in the dozens, with minor tweaks and enhancements to increase the performance of a decades long fly fishing staple. Wrapped wire sits toward the bend of the hook to balance it, while mallard flank and schlapen breath life into its appearance as water pulses around the fly. Colorations in black, white, and olive match that of its classic namesake serving as an option for fish around the country and world. Strip it with a sink-tip, a floating line, dry-dropper, or nymph it – the Schlapen Bugger works all the same. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and innovation for the fly fisher who wants a balance in his/her approach.

Cast on any fly rod.

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