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Shock Streamer Leader

Shock Streamer Leader

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Use what we use. The shock streamer leader is built especially for throwing streamers. Hand tied by us at BLC HQ.

Shock leaders have a stretchy piece of flourocarbon as the butt piece. This protects your tippet better than any other leader on the market. Swivel in the middle doesn't effect casting or sink rate. This gives a better presentation by allowing the fly to roll in the water column and not spin your leader when casting big flies.

8- Small Swivel- For small flies and the most weary fish

12- Small Swivel- For fish that are tippet shy (Our top trout choice)

15- Small Swivel- For nearly any fly and for fishing in a close combat environment. (Our choice for Bass)

20-Medium Swivel- For the brutes. Big bass, Gar, White bass, etc. When fopr when you need to get after it.

25-Medium Swivel- When you need to give ‘em nothin.

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