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Stinger Minnow

Stinger Minnow

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Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, J. Robert Oppenheimer the atom bomb, and Blue Line the Stinger Minnow. All respected, groundbreaking inventions. How is streamer in the era of over saturated fly tying groundbreaking, you ask? Simple, the replaceable hook. Every fisherman has that one fly in his or her box with a catch count as high as Epstein’s client list. Hooks dull overtime, especially if the fly has a long life, and streamers fished on heavy tippet break off less than dries on nymphs tied to light tippet. The days of bailing on ol’ reliable are gone with the Stinger Minnow’s replaceable hook. It’s dull? Swap it out. Aside from its innovation, the stinger minnow fishes damn well too. Life-like movement allows for stripped and swinging (its original) presentations and dumbbell eyes make the Stinger Minnow heavy. This fly has caught trout, steelhead, bull trout, bass and numerous other fish species.

A stiff 5 wt or heavier is necessary to cast the Stinger Minnow. 

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