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The Worm

The Worm

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Dirt Snakin

Nymphing a worm pattern to fly fishers is similar to how people act toward the concept of the infamous, and often risqué, OnlyFans. Everyone claims they don’t use it and will openly bash on it, but its success illustrates far more people indulge in it than lead on – significantly more than otherwise admitted. Fear not fishers of the squirmy and the traditional San Juan worms and lonely middle-aged men alike, Blue Line has you covered with The Worm to indulge in your dirtiest of habits (and by this we mean dirtiest fishing habits; if you’re secretly logging onto questionable websites at work, we can’t help you; unless you’re looking to nymph worm patterns at your local trout stream after a long day at the office, then you’ve come to the right place). For those fishing on the dark side, you might as well go all in and add this notorious nymph pattern to your fly box. Numerous – if not most – anglers keep a few in their fly box for slow days on the water, so you might as well add half-a-dozen to your shopping cart along with your favorite BLC steamer patterns. Fish it with your favorite bobber-boy rig or below a dry fly (if you want to somewhat hide your dirty nymphing ways; dudes who hide OnlyFans buried behind 17 other browser tabs on your computer, this one is for you) and keep it in your box year-round. Fish this fly and own your wormy ways with no shame, and remember, like OnlyFans, if everyone who claimed they didn’t do it were being honest, then it wouldn’t be this profitable.

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